Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Peasant Gods of Sunless Horizon

Many of the commoners of the Navigator Houses believe in the 3 Peasant Gods, and keep small shrines to them in their homes.

The nobility have their own gods. You may not speak to them.

Capra, Devourer

Capra did not speak as he consumed the fire. It was not his place to complain.
  • Appears as a goat-headed man in rags.
  • Represents stoicism, and the ability to handle changing situations.

Guardian Ursus

From his blood his lord fed.
  • Appears as a tall armored man bearing only a shield.
  • Represents sacrifice for your superiors.

Vulpes, Who Watches 

And Vulpes appeared in front of his lord, and spoke of the crimes of the people. For this, he was rewarded.
  • Appears as a 3-eyed white fox.
  • Represents surveillance, foresight, and reporting crime to your superiors.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Wormgod's Harvest Part 3: Weapons & Equipment

Wormgod's Harvest is a biotech fantasy setting where the Wormgod consumed the world.


Bladebugs are throwing weapons that fly nimbly towards targets before slicing through them with their sharp exoskeletons. They barely do any damage because of their small size, but they never miss, and can be thrown in groups of 3 at once.

Militaries grow special breeds of Bladebugs that release acid or explode on impact. For fire support, they carry large hives filled with hundreds of Bladebugs that are released dozens at a time.


Smokers are a variety of flying squid bred and Shaped for lessened flight ability and larger ink sacs. When hit hard, they panic, filling the air with ink. Small Smokers are thrown to create smokescreens in ground conflict, and larger ones are launched from bioships to blind opposing vessels. 


Knifelizards are small reptiles with bladed tails: when pressure is applied to their sides, they straighten out and stiffen.


Ansibles are frog-like emergency comm systems usually attached to bioships: when fed a colored pellet, they send an ultrasonic message based on the pellet given. While the Ansibles are the fastest way to communicate over long distances, they can only send a few types of messages.

Messenger Bird

Messenger Birds are an alternative to Ansibles: while they are slower, they can send more complex message. They memorize things they hear and repeat them to the target of their message.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Infra-Red Rewrite: History

hey infra-red wasn't very good
i started over
i guess this is also a sample page for the book
oh yeah this is going to be a book

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Weapons of Sunless Horizon

Is everyone tired of Sunless Horizon yet?

Weapons in Sunless Horizon are (simply to help me organize them) set into 4 groups: Cheap, which are smashed together out of hull plating and wiring, Decent, which are actual guns put together by people who know how to make guns, Expensive, for the nobility and their guards, and Artifacts built by the original owners of Ein Soph. Artifacts cannot be purchased.


Melee - Club 

It's a stick. You hit people with it.

Ranged - Cangun

Canguns are empty cans filled with an explosive charge, then nails or shrapnel before being resealed and attached to a stick. When the charge is detonated, it creates a horrific wave of red-hot metal, tearing through everything in front of the wielder.

Of course, the problems with this weapon should be obvious. While it's shockingly destructive even against Disciples, the shrapnel doesn't always go in the right direction.


Melee - Talon & Fang

Used to kill Disciples, Talon & Fang is a combination of 2 weapons: the talon, a short crowbar-like prying tool, and the fang, a thin serrated knife.

The talon is used to pull at the casings of Disciples to reveal internal components and wiring, which is cut with the fang.

Ranged - C50 Tessen

Circlet Security's belt-fed C50 Tessen submachine gun fires 7mm rounds at a slow rate of fire. The Tessen's belt feed makes it excellent for sustained fire, and its small caliber makes it easy to control.
Circlet Security's weapons are made from yellowed, brittle plastic and thin stamped metal. Stories abound of them fracturing or shattering when dropped, or shaking apart from the force of their underpowered rounds. Despite this, Circlet Security surplus is common among scavengers.


Melee -The Long Hand

The weapons of the nobility are strange, focusing more on appearances than true effectiveness. The Long Hand is a intricately carved metal club on a long rope, swung in long loops before striking with gathered inertia.

The long wire is used to subtly manipulate the head, making it more difficult to block. It can also be used to entangle other weapons.

Ranged - Ashford & Crane Temperance

Ashford & Crane is the oldest weapon designer on Ein Soph, responsible for the weapons of the nobility. The Temperance is a large heavy rifle, loaded with the highest-quality powder and explosive shells.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Engine Heart: Repairbot Playbook

blah blah d10-based RPG about service robots, download here, previous playbook here.

Engine Heart: Repairbot

Who Built Your Processor? (1d4)

1. Hansa Automation - 3 RealityCom, 2 HumanCom, 2 DigiCon, 2 MechaniCon, 2 Buffer

2. Parable Intelligence - 1 RealityCom, 1 HumanCom, 4 DigiCon, 4 MechaniCon, 1 Buffer

3. Padlock Reinforced Processing - 2 RealityCom, 1 HumanCom, 1 DigiCon, 1 MechaniCon, 4 Buffer

4. ASQ Social Systems - 2 RealityCom, 4 HumanCom, 1 DigiCon, 1 MechaniCon, 1 Buffer


Who Built Your Chassis? (1d6)

1-2. Ducharme Optics - 2 Dexterity, 2 Mobility, 4 Perception, 2 Reflexes, 2 Strength

3-4. Yosef Industrial - 1 Dexterity, 1 Mobility, 2 Perception, 1 Reflexes, 5 Strength

5-6. EOM Advanced Motors - 3 Dexterity, 3 Mobility, 2 Perception, 3 Reflexes, 1 Strength


Major Feature (1d10)

1. Abrader

2. Attendant Swarm

3. Cutting Laser

4. Manipulative Limb (Standard)

5-10. Plasma Arc Welder


 Minor Feature (Roll 1d12 Twice, Take Both)

1. External Container

2. Display Screen

3. Electromagnet

4. Flexible Body

5. Jack

6. Power Dock

7. Rack

8. Specialty Chassis

9. Simple Assembly

10. Tool Set

11. Telescoping Reach

12. Winch


Defects (Roll 1d8 Twice, Take Both)

1. Manual Feature

2. Conspicuous

3. Exposed Power Switch

4. Mute

5. Plastic Casing

6. Simple Programming

7. Top-Heavy

8. Response Lag

Advanced Skeleton-ing

why did i write this

Welcome to Richard's Half-Price Necropolis

All the Skeleton, Half the... uh. 

 Here at Richard's, we milk bad jokes for all they're worth have everything for your skeleton-based needs!

Think skeletons are just too stupid on their own? We sell Psionic Skeletons - 100% organic Illithid brain-paste stuck to the inside of the skull for maximum effectiveness! Make your enemies marvel at the inefficiency of raising a brainless form only to put another brain in it!

The main advantage of skeletons is the cargo space! Beehive Skeletons make the most of it by wedging angry bees into the ribcage, for excellent area denial!

All this sounding too natural? Move up the tech-tree a bit to whatever-punk with Flamethrower Skeletons! Use up all that empty space with volatile fuel tanks! Even in death they burn with anger! (and also fire).

Don't want fire around your houseplants? Try Electric Skeletons - wires connected to the arms and legs make each attack shockingly powerful!

make it stop

That was amazingly bad. As penance, have some stats for the utter nonsense I've created.

Exceptionally Average Skeleton
HD: 1
AC: 10

Whack: 1d6 damage
Arm Throw: 1d4 damage + Grapple

Psionic Skeleton
HD: 1
AC: 10

Telekinetic Field: Arrows are at -2 to hit. Missed arrows are redirected at the Psionic Skeleton's enemies.

Whack: 1d6 damage
Telekinetic Shove: A human-sized target within 50' is thrown backwards 30', taking 1d4 damage per 10' traveled. Throwing a creature at another target requires the Psionic Skeleton to make a successful attack roll against the target of the throw. If the roll is successful, both characters take 1d6 damage per 10' of travel. 1/day

Beehive Skeleton 
HD: 1
AC: 10

Eyes of the Swarm: The Beehive Skeleton sees through the eyes of its bees. 

Whack: 1d6 damage
BEES: Bees swarm around your head, blinding you.
The Hive: The Beehive Skeleton tears out its beehive and throws it up to 30'. A 10' radius around the hive is filled with enraged bees, blinding and dealing 1d4 damage per turn to everyone inside the radius. They relax after 1d6 turns.

Flamethrower Skeleton
HD: 1
AC: 12

Volatile: If critically hit, the Flamethrower Skeleton explodes (as Fireball).

Whack: 1d6 damage
Flamethrower: As Burning Hands

Electric Skeleton
HD: 1
AC: 13

Conduction: Melee attacks against the Electric Skeleton conduct electricity into the attacker, dealing 1d4 damage.

Electric Whack: 1d8 damage, CON save or stun
Whip: 1d4 damage, CON save or stun, ranged

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Wormgod's Harvest, Part 2: Society

hey none of this makes sense without reading the first one so you should do that ok thanks 


The capital of Bös is set on the largest island orbiting the Wormgod; this large, single landmass also has the largest mineral deposits, giving Bös the largest military presence, as the metals can be used to support advanced Shapings.

The large military of Bös belies its peaceful nature; Bös hasn't been involved in a conflict since the Collapse of the Spire, about 40 years ago.

The state religion of Bös sees the Wormgod as the harbinger of a new reality: it will kill everything, and through that death we will ascend to heaven. The lower-class people of Bös disagree, saying the government holds this stance to wipe away the ethical questions of their autocracy.

Alexandra Semushina


During the Collapse of the Spire, Graam was attacked with Shaped bioweapons by De Bahn. Since then, it has continued to be under martial law in an attempt to stop the spread of the plague.

In the decade after the Collapse of the Spire, many people left Graam: now the core of their territory is patrolled by Shaped monsters, both to keep people out and in.

The edges of Graam escaped the majority of the bombardment, and continue to act under the orders of their old government, sent through biotechnological radios.

Before the Collapse of the Spire, Graam was the most advanced of the nations: if someone could reach the poisoned core, they could return rich beyond measure.

Alexandra Semushina

De Bahn

De Bahn has been in decline since the Collapse of the Spire, with the treaties following it crushing De Bahn's industrial capacity and military strength. Like in Bös, religion in De Bahn states that the Wormgod will kill everything. However, according to De Bahn, this will not bring them to a new world: they will only die.

De Bahn's High King is searching for the pieces of the Spire in order to reassemble it. If he succeeds, it would lead to another war.

Alexandra Semushina

The Core

The Core is the area closest to the Wormgod, where none of the nation-states have control. Thanks to their proximity to the Wormgod, the people of the Core are able to export its scales to the three nation-states, where they are used in military Shapings.

Despite the lucrativeness of the Core, the lack of arable land and the difficulty of acquiring the scales persuades the nation-states to stay away from the region, and let the Core's people take on the risk of scale-mining.

Sunless Horizon

Sunless Horizon is the most self-indulgent setting I'll ever make, taking inspiration from Veins of the Earth , Axis Mundi , HMS Apolly...