Sunday, August 11, 2019

Cyberpunk Tables 2: Cosmetic Modifications

Otherwise, it's just Cyber.
Cosmetic Modifications
1. All of the character's augmented limbs have been skeletonized, keeping only the bare minimum of components the augment requires.
2. Transparent skin replacements in intricate, curving designs loop across the character's entire body.
3. The character replaced their hair with thin, color-changing wires extending from the top of their head.
4. A nonfunctional, creepily biological third eye has been placed in the character's forehead.
5. Two long, angular metal horns emerge from the front and back of the character's head.
6. The character's otherwise standard leg replacements both bend backwards at the knees.
7. A wide space on the character's torso has been replaced with an advertisement.
8. The character's joints are covered in deep circular scars from the installation of an old I-Pattern exoskeleton, which has since been removed.
9. On the character's back is a ring of damaged robotic arms, constantly shifting through a set of complex poses.
10. The character's veins and arteries have been replaced with a web of plastic tubes above their skin.
11. The character's face is covered in a glass mask displaying a looping video of the night sky.
12. Some parts of the character's skin are dry and mummified, kept under a translucent blue plastic covering.  

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