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Myconids - Everybody Else Has 'Em

Atavia - "What, is this the 5th project now?"  Atavia is a mini-setting I'm making: condensing the most interesting parts of Age of the Ecclesiarchy (the thing with the Desolation in it) into a large island.

Atavia is divided into 4 baronies: Graam, in the top-left, Bös, in the top right, De Bahn to the right, and A'Tirae at the bottom.
Yeah, okay, great. What was that about myconids?Fine. 

The top third of the map is the Motherland: an aboveground mushroom forest growing from the Mother Pillar, a 20-story tall fungus on the border of De Bahn and Bös. The area around the Mother Pillar is... unpleasant, let's say.

Myconids aren't very common in the Motherland: a sapient creature takes quite a lot of energy compared to something like a Shrieker. Because of the immense amount of material required to keep a Myconid alive, they aren't used for "menial" tasks, such as releasing spores: there are cheaper, easier fungi for that. Myconids are created spec…
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The Desolation, Part 2: The Elves

The Elves of the DesolationThe elves of the Desolation work in a loose caste system, with the despicable common folk and disgusting foreigners at the bottom, and knowledgeable necromancers and noble council members at the top.

Elven cities are led by a Council, chosen through a convoluted system of nepotism, backstabbing, false elections, true elections, and then some more backstabbing for good measure. Members of the Council will either have a very short lifespan or an incredibly long one, depending on how well-protected they are.

Even outside of the Council, confusion, deception, and other such nonsense is commonplace. Because of this, even money must have a place in defending you. Instead of using gold, copper, or other metals, elves use Amulets of Shinnae, necromantic objects that contain souls. The Amulets of Shinnae are built by the noble necromancer caste, with souls taken from criminals, foreigners, and anybody an elven noble didn’t like very much. The Amulets inflict a geas on …

The Desolation, Part 1: Creatures of the Desolation

The Desolation The Desolation is an ice desert, comprised of tiny fragments of ice and sand and irradiated with horrible magics. With the rising sun, it becomes a hellscape of blinding light and wandering Prismwraiths. At night, the cold can crack even the most hardened adventures (if the creatures that awaken with the darkness don't first).
Cultivators The Cultivators go through a metamorphic life, being born as small worm-like creatures and buried in some of the deeper chambers of their underground Hivecities. Decisions are made by the Queen's Circle, made up of the queens of every Hivecity.

The Cultivators are the only source of plants in the Desolation, and thus are often under attack by some creature or another, or under siege by the elves. To protect themselves, they fabricated the Wyrm Eaters, and military service is mandatory if a Hivecity comes under assault.

Cultivators worship the Inner Gods: ancient titans buried beneath the earth, revealed through fault lines. It…

Will Work For Copper: Celebrants of the Dragon Emperor

Celebrants of the Dragon Emperor Will Work For Copper is a comedic d6-based RPG I'm writing where the player characters are apprentice wizards, random people, petty thieves, and generally incompetent. Lucky for them, so are the enemies: the endless Kobold hordes of the Dragon Emperor.

The Celebrants are the Dragon Emperor's lieutenants, and each leads an army of kobolds. Each of them hates the rest. They will never cooperate without the Dragon Emperor's forceful interference.
Perfected-Wind The air dragon Perfected-Wind is overly dramatic and theatrical. She thinks even the lightest wound could kill her, and reacts accordingly. Her kobolds are very quick-thinking: a necessary trait to quickly convince Perfected-Wind of her continued health.

Scattered-Lights Scattered-Lights is not a dragon. His predecessor, Tattered-Sky, died under mysterious circumstances. A few days later, Scattered-Lights took control of Tattered-Sky's soldiers and equipment. The issue with this i…

The Iyr, Part 1

The Iyr
The Iyr appear through gates torn through the fabric of the dimensions, clawing for territory in the Prime Material Plane (or equivalent). Their invasions are led by a Priemarchos, based on limited translation of their language, but nothing is known of their leadership above that level: the gates last for too short a time for exploration at this time.
Iyr Prielia Iyr Prielia are the frontline fighters of the Iyr invasions, bound in translucent, whitish crystal armor, and armed with Sunslivers or Psychespears. They fight by taking advantage of their mobility, and avoid use of static defenses.

Iyr Prielia
Medium Outsider

Armor Class: 17
Hit Points: 12
Speed: fly 35 ft., walk 35 ft.

STR: 13
DEX: 12
CON: 12
INT: 11
WIS: 10
CHA: 10

Skills: Athletics +2, Acrobatics +2
Damage Vulnerabilities: Bludgeoning
Damage Immunities: Psychic, Poison
Condition Immunities: Poison, Exhaustion, Charmed
Senses: Passive Perception 13
Languages: Iyrn
Challenge: 1/4 (50 XP)

Iyr Orincepsis 

The Orincepsis are gifted with nig…

Ecology of the Derelicts (Sunless Horizon)

The Derelicts
The Derelicts are the core of Sunless Horizon. Broken, floating fragments of starships, they make the only resources available to the remnants of humanity. Each is filled with disintegrating components, volatile chemicals, and violent synthetics.

However, some things still manage to eke out a living in this lightless expanse.

Reactor Moss
Gathering energy from the barely-active nuclear materials inside of a derelict's reactor and food from any creature that steps into them, Reactor Moss grows as wide grey beds with hundreds of hooks, waving as if to wind until something comes within reach. When an organic creature comes within reach of the hooks, they grab it, draining the nutrients from the creature to replace what would have been gained from soil.

Reactor Moss reproduces using sticky, hardened spores that hibernate until reaching a survivable surface: generally another derelict.

Spitting Lily
The Spitting Lily is a rarer specimen, only growing on derelicts with avail…