Thursday, February 15, 2024

Isotelus Complex on Kickstarter

Isotelus Complex, a blogpost written on a whim in response to a GLOGtober prompt, has lightly taken over my life. So, with Zine Quest here, I've decided to "do" "something" about it. 

Owe My Soul to the Company Store is a transhumanist social adventure for Mothership, set on an under-construction habitat on Callisto. Hundreds of people work in orbit - while at the same time, copies of their minds grind away at the surface, loaded into immense chitinous Labor Bodies.

Isotelus is barely half-finished, and already falling apart. The space elevator hits its maximum stress level with every launch. Six ComSec rent-a-cops threw a dockworker out an airlock. Radical pamphlets spread like wildfire - and soon, the first wave of colonists will arrive. 

Down on the surface, the Labor Bodies scheme - some hope to lead a workers' uprising, and free Isotelus from the distant public-private partnership responsible for it. Others simply want to be left alone until their artificially-shortened lifespans tick away. 

Owe My Soul will be a full, printed zine, with graphic design and editing by Sam Sorensen and illustration by Locheil

The Kickstarter will run here, for the next two weeks.

Thursday, February 1, 2024


Best Case Scenario is an RPG/skirmish wargame by deus ex parabola - an SCP sort of thing about getting into gunfights with greebly aliens and spider-sponges. Back in 2022 I posted a pair of operations, and now I've finally gotten around to running another set.

In MEASURE STRICT BEHEMOTH [OPEN-EYE GREEN] the agents are sent to capture Thomas Brillo, head of a local ghost-breathing cult, as he travels through the small town of Mt. Orab, Ohio - and, while you're at it, destroy his car. His car won't appreciate that.

In WAX ANGLE BEWARES [CLOSED-EYE RED], operatives attempt to stop a deal between a competing organization and a princeling of the upper mantle - a deal inconveniently taking place inside a packed airliner. Get the 200-pound iridium lotus they brought to trade off the plane before it lands in Vienna, and don't blow up the plane. Last time we had to dredge a spirit of the inner earth out of the ocean, they got rather upset.

Sunless Horizon Beta 2.3 Release

Commissioned from Scrap Princess excited screeching I've been posting about  Sunless Horizon  for about a year, and after finally gettin...