Thursday, February 15, 2024

Isotelus Complex on Kickstarter

Isotelus Complex, a blogpost written on a whim in response to a GLOGtober prompt, has lightly taken over my life. So, with Zine Quest here, I've decided to "do" "something" about it. 

Owe My Soul to the Company Store is a transhumanist social adventure for Mothership, set on an under-construction habitat on Callisto. Hundreds of people work in orbit - while at the same time, copies of their minds grind away at the surface, loaded into immense chitinous Labor Bodies.

Isotelus is barely half-finished, and already falling apart. The space elevator hits its maximum stress level with every launch. Six ComSec rent-a-cops threw a dockworker out an airlock. Radical pamphlets spread like wildfire - and soon, the first wave of colonists will arrive. 

Down on the surface, the Labor Bodies scheme - some hope to lead a workers' uprising, and free Isotelus from the distant public-private partnership responsible for it. Others simply want to be left alone until their artificially-shortened lifespans tick away. 

Owe My Soul will be a full, printed zine, with graphic design and editing by Sam Sorensen and illustration by Locheil

The Kickstarter will run here, for the next two weeks.

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