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Through the Looking Glass (Class: Sharpshooter)

A draft trade with Locheil of the Nothic's Eye - a class (and Gonne Rules) for his interwar setting, Aclas. And the product of me realizing that I stopped making Blog Posts™ because I kept spiraling into larger "required" scopes, when actually you rats will read any old garbage. :)

The heartless symphonist of gunmetal and exploding limbs – the conductor of lead, and the rattle of gunfire is their drum, as they hammer on and on and on.

a front-page news story - what could an aspiring gunman want more?

A: Like a Limb, Quickdraw, +1 to-hit with guns
B: Feats of Accuracy
C: Compulsive Reloader, +1 to-hit with guns
D: Line Up, Knock Down

Like a Limb
Reloading no longer takes an action, and clearing jams only takes an action.

If you have a loaded gun, you get to fire before initiative is rolled. “While you’re talking to the magnate, the door starts opening a-” “I shoot them!” “You turn the corner and you-” “Shoot him!” and so on. No hesitation.

Feats of Accuracy
Your gun is always aimed, and damage dice from firearms explode in your hands. If you aim anyway, in your double-aimed state your sight follows the bullet. Shoot through a window and get a slow-motion snapshot of the room behind it.

Compulsive Reloader
Buy cartridges? For money? Absolutely repulsive - just make some of your own. With an evening of work and 20sp in materials, you can put together 1d6 cartridges with any of the above Tags.

If a bullet is carved with a name the carver (which does not necessarily need to be you) hates, its range increment becomes one mile.

Line Up, Knock Down
Gunshots cleave.  

Guns, Rules For Them

(locheil did not finish the rules which means i get to post them now. i cannot be stopped)

Unless you are bulletproof, having a gun pressed to your head or vital organs and fired point blank is a save vs. death. (Well - I think it should just be death, but somebody has mercy in his heart.)

Guns are light (one-handed, 1d6 damage), medium (two-handed, 1d8 damage) and heavy (two-handed, 1d10 damage) like standard weapons. 

All guns deal +4 damage and ignore armour unless it is bulletproof

Range Penalty - you get -X to Hit, where X is the number of 20 metre increments between you and the target (-1 at 20 metres, -2 at 40, -3 at 60).  

You can spend a turn aiming beforehand to cut the penalty in half (or, in simpler terms, to increase the increments to 40 metres.)

Scopes give +X to Hit, where X is their magnification. Scopes are ineffective when within [X]*10 Metres, with the exception of 1X scopes. (See what I did there?)

Rolling a 1 when attacking with a gun indicates a jam (dirty firing pins, vis-generated water (or, with repeated fire, ice) in the action, spring problems). The gun must be cleared of the jam with a full turn before it fires again. Poor handling, lack of maintenance, and other such things increase the jam range.

There are some other tags:

Buckshot - When you are within 10 metres, a given shot cannot do less than half damage. 

Incendiary - Whatever the bullet hits is ignited.

Armour Piercing  - The shot ignores all physical armour. 

Silver - Does full damage to spirits, demons and causes vis to explode. On a jam, the gun explodes. 

Wolfram - The bullet cannot be affected by magic. 

Due to the terms of the Treaty of Kelos, magazine-loading and rotating-barrel guns are banned to maintain “decency in warfare”, along with a lot of other things. The primary consequence is that guns are single-shot unless stated otherwise. 

Only fighters can move and reload on the same turn. 

Manufacturers add little quibbles and variances to guns:

  • Cabro - High-Power - +2 Damage, but don’t make Heavy guns.
    A Vanchan company, best known for producing guns which combine portability and power. 

  • Bela-Maximis - Reliability - always jams on a 1 or 2, no matter what you’ve done with the thing.

A Hevash company - their products never work well, but at least they never get worse.

  • Kataram Trigonometrics Division - Artillery - make Superlative (mounted, 2d6 damage) anti-material rifles. They jam “excitingly”.
    A Nevechi manufactorum, previously specialising in the production of howitzers and arms for Automatic Infantry.

  • Carigian - Elegance - +1 to Hit, but don’t make Light guns.
    A Tivgarine company, best known for producing elegant and accurate hunting rifles. 

  • Grötram - Modularity - Repairing or Modifying a Grötram gun costs half.
    A Zarumaan industrial collective, best known for making trucks. But they make guns too. 

  • Ankurav Heavy Industrial - Double-barreled - It’s technically legal!
    An Iskorian corporation, who make everything - and can’t help but jump through a loophole.

  • Wintersage & Green - Concealability - thinned-out Light guns are unnoticeable without a pat-down, folding Medium guns can be hidden just as well under a large coat. They don’t make Large guns, for obvious reasons.
    A Tindavi company best known for definitely not making the gun that wounded a Niveran ambassador.

  • Seidau - Reliability - Reroll jams, but don’t make Medium guns.
    An Ukalt workshop known for making precisely two types of really reliable guns. 

  • Federation Workshop - Precision Machining - Critical hits deal an extra 1d6 damage.
    An Athrunnar company, privatised from a Union state operation. Known for service rifles.

  • Armos Foundries - Magazines - Guns have magazines but are illegal and cost quadruple.
    A technically-Surammar “company” operating in a legal greyzone. The only source of new models of illegal magazine-loaders


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