Friday, May 10, 2019

Reviewing Another GLOG-like (Mimics & Miscreants)

Everyone really seemed to enjoy the first set of GLOG reviews, so I looked around to find some more editions.

Sadly, I was only able to find one: Mimics & Miscreants from A Blasted, Cratered Land.

Mimics & Miscreants

  • Roll over 20 to succeed, adding bonus from ability score
  • Roll over 20+Armor to hit
  • 50 weapons
  • 4-template classes, some with subclasses
  • Miscellanomicon supplement adds 52 races, many with subraces
  • Many, many tables - mutation table, summon tables, 1d50 spell table
The Actual Review Part of This Nonsense
The main system is different to many other GLOG hacks, but has the same probability as a roll-under stat system. The benefit is that it lets you have a simpler roll-over to-hit system without it seeming inconsistent.

M&M has a surprising amount of character options between 12 classes, their subclasses, either 12 races (by default), or ~77 options of race in the Miscellanomicon. The extra tables (in particular the summon tables) could be easily detached and used in other games, but unlike Owlbear Stew, the game as a whole seems to work quite well.

I rate Mimics & Miscreants 4/5

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