Thursday, October 24, 2019

Folklore of the Navigator Houses

Note (7/31/2020): This post has been replaced. Read this instead.

The peasants of the Navigator Houses are intentionally left uneducated and in poverty by the nobility - an engineer may know how to build a cybernetic arm, but not why it works. Without any reliable information, superstition runs rampant, and the peasant's ideas start to become stranger and stranger.

I have no idea how this connects to the Peasant Gods, I'll figure it out eventually probably maybe.
1. Everything has a Soul
Everything, from dust to people, has a soul. The stronger a creature’s soul is, the more alive it is - thus, Disciples have a stronger soul than a gun (because they can move, speak, and act semi-human) which has a stronger soul than a rock (because the gun has parts that move and “eats” bullets, while the rock sits still).

While people have strong souls, some things are stronger - the nobility have stronger souls, so they are larger, stronger, and live longer. Keter has an even stronger soul, as His soul must sustain an entire world.

2. Souls have a Shape
Your soul is vaguely the same shape as your body, and wants to stay still and unchanging. Prosthetics work because they are the same shape as the body part they replace, so the soul simply enters the prosthetic and treats it as a normal body part. Some parts of your body, like your heart and brain, are more important to your soul. You die when your body changes shape too much for your soul to stay attached - these important parts changing is seen as a greater change, so it kills you more easily.

3. Diseases are Defects of the Soul
When you get sick, it is because a wayward spirit has merged with your soul, changing its shape. Because your soul’s shape is different, your body tries to change shape to meet it, which damages the body. To cure yourself of illness, you must remove the infecting spirit.

1d6 Peasant Superstitions
1. The ashes of a great hero will drive away Disciples, as the hero's soul assaults them. 
2. Look for a plant with 4-pronged red leaves, and rub them on your wounds - they will calm the soul. 
3. A copper spiral will prevent illness - the invading spirits will wander through the spiral and become trapped.
4. If you listen to Enochian (Keter's machine language, seeded with low-level infohazards) through an engraved cone, it will tell you your future.
5. If someone dies in a vacuum, turn them away from the world, or they will begin to haunt it.
6. If you touch a noble, they will curse you, and your bones will twist inside your skin until they shatter.


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