Friday, August 14, 2020

Canyon, a 200 Word RPG

Edit - Vayra of Mad Queen's Court has made an expanded and fancier version of this game here.

Even though there's no 200 Word RPG contest this year, I was so excited about making one that I did one anyway.

Canyon is a duet game about resource management and unexpected solutions, set in a largely undescribed post-apocalypse. I haven't gotten to test it yet, but I'd like to.

Game Text

You are a scavenger, in a destroyed world. You've been in a horrific car crash, breaking your leg and leaving you trapped. HOME does not know where you are.

There is one stat - PAIN. Start at one PAIN, gain one whenever you move or are attacked by the Ghoul, roll 1d6 > PAIN to act. Die at 6 PAIN.

There are 3 locations.

*Car Front*
Start here. 
Radio: contacts HOME, needs BATTERY
Headlights: make LIGHT, only forwards
Metal Tube
Vodka Flask
1 bullet
Door: destroyed, leads Outside.
Windshield: destructible, leads Outside if broken.

*Car Back*
Canned Meat
1 bullet
Heavy Metal Box
{ Flare Gun: 1 flare, makes LIGHT }
{ BATTERY: runs out after 1 use }
{ Flashlight: makes LIGHT, needs BATTERY }

The Ghoul waits here.
Gas Tank: mostly full
Gun: 1 bullet

The Ghoul is AFRAID OF: light, pain. ATTRACTED TO: sound, food. It is stronger than you.

Each turn, you can move once and act twice, and the Ghoul moves and acts once. Grabbing an item does not count as an action, but failing the roll to act does. In 8 turns, the sun will come up.

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