Friday, January 20, 2023

1d8 Bayport Superheroes (for a certain value of "super", and for that matter "hero")

Despite generally being uninterested by Superhero Content And Media™, I find myself pulled aggressively towards deus ex parabola's Bayport - a model for superhero campaigns in a comically terrible mode, filled with petty crime, omnipresent corruption, and superpowers like "shove unattended items into Hell for money", "summon poor drawings of guns", and "turn into a glowing sphere", and players spending a decent amount of their time trying to figure out how to kill some unstoppable ultraman with a crowbar and a box of rat poison.

With my work ethic, ability to string words together, and inner soul completely pasted by completing Orbiters Local 519 (you may have noticed an unusually conversational tone in this post, for the same reason - I expect that in future I will return to my standard dry, unhelpful writing style), I realized it'd be Free Real Estate to dredge up some of the characters I never got around to using and turn them into Blogge Post.

I expect my next attempt to Blogge Post to occur somewhere around November, or maybe in 2025, so remember to set your watches, I suppose.

Third Eye - 1Σ, Zap, Weird

An ability to bend space, somewhat, allows Third Eye to both see through walls (though this is blocked by lead, and even through lesser materials his vision is reduced to only monochrome splotches) and, with roughly 5 minutes of focus, force a single human target to Save or experience tremendous health problems in the form of their head no longer being attached to their neck, and many parts of their head no longer attached to the others.

- Real name Page Fulco, history unknown and potentially concealed intentionally

- Quiet, jittery, impulsive

- Currently leading, or perhaps soon will lead, a cross-state manhunt after spreading a half dozen corporate executives over the walls of a single locked boardroom. 

Lucent - 1Σ, Fly, Ace

Lucent can treat transparent materials (water, plastic, air, etc.) as either glass or air at will, and can "fly" by walking up glassed-air staircases.

- Real name Liêm Quỳnh

- Purely heroic, motivated by selflessness and the love of mankind.

- Sometimes sighted in random positions over open ocean, standing on one of his platforms for an unknown reason.

Dead Zone - 1Σ, Weird, Martial I (+DEX, +CON)

Within 10 feet of Dead Zone, no sound can be produced - notably, it can be perceived - sound from outside can be heard inside the Zone, but sound from inside cannot be heard anywhere. Martial I represents extra running speed and jump height (roughly double human baseline).

- Real name Johanna Calvin, history includes work in the U.S. military before cutting out suddenly - we assume this is when her power became evident. At the end of that tour she never returned, so I suppose they must not have liked her all that much.

- Before the cut in her history, Dead Zone was well-regarded - reliable, trustworthy, and just the right amount of unscrupulous. It is unknown how many of these qualities remain.

- Currently out in the suburbs of Bayport, only leaving her home during the night. Otherwise, she seems to hold no routines - we may not be the only ones following her.

Scion - 1Σ, Martial I (+INT, +STR), Fly

Recovered a ruined alien mechsuit while digging in their back garden, and has been trapped inside ever since. Flies disorientatingly with half-functional engines burning lime-green, and attacks with the suit's hands - one seven-fingered metallic grasper, and one ferrofluid bulb morphing between long needles and wiggly-looking chainsaws.

While the suit has hundreds of buttons in reach, Scion avoids pressing most of them ever since hitting Hazmat Seal and getting a few good breaths of alien atmosphere.

- Real name Callisto Marley, prior work in astronomy (how do we know she found the suit by accident?), wife Lori Marley vanished around the time the suit was recovered.

- Cheerful, careful to avoid collateral damage, good reputation

- Rumors abound of a second entity inhabiting the suit itself - as Scion has never volunteered for research into the suit, and evades when questioned about its functions, this has not been proven.

Ouija - 1Σ, Perceive I, Ace

Able to perceive what he assumes to be the spirits of the dead, using this both for information-gathering and, with appropriate payment and preparation, send them as a torrent to possess others with the screeching, hedonistic, panicked dead for one hour per year spent.

- Real name Glory Grover. Age somewhere in his 20s, outward appearance around his 90s due to payments of lifespan. We expect roughly 8 hours of his ability remain.

- Gullible, paranoid, certain he has knowledge he does not

- Appeared recently in the news after causing the collapse of a Bayport crime family by possessing their head continuously over the space of months. We expect the remnants to be after him, and expect him to die.

The Lion of Paris - 1Σ, Martial I (+DEX, +WIS), Weird

A "reformed" museum thief with the ability to teleport small (size of a fist, roughly) objects into his hands. Notably does not function on living things, or portions of living things.

- Real name unknown, former aliases include "Doran Eugen", "Levi Hadley", and "Otto Emmanuel". Surveillance has never seen him in Paris, or anywhere in France for that matter.

- Self-interested, self-obsessed, unafraid of consequences; caught six years back after stealing the Swords of Temporal and Spiritual Justice from the Tower of London and using them to duel with a collaborator of his in broad daylight.

- Currently in prison in Germany, but we wouldn't find it particularly difficult to get him out, if it becomes necessary.

Stranger - 2Σ, Durable I, Perceive I, Ace, Zap

Stranger is able to see through the eyes of anyone he has touched, knows the name of, and trusts him (Perceive I). While looking through someone else's eyes, he functionally inhabits their mind and can appear physically somewhere inside their cone of vision - stepping around a corner in front of them, for instance (Ace). Once a day, when he would be killed by an attack, he does this automatically, landing in the view of the nearest partner (Durable I).

With effort, he is able to damage his partners directly, by reaching through their eyes to claw at them (Zap), dealing 1 damage per minute at functionally infinite range. Methods to protect from this damage vary - wearing a heavy mask to prevent Stranger from reaching your skin, dissolving the arms in water, attacking the arms yourself, or perhaps even pulling Stranger through by the arms.

- Real name Mirza Arezou, 1 wife, 2 children, 1 living parent.

- Well-read, polite, generally uncooperative with authority.

- It is unknown what threshold of trust Stranger's ability requires, and unknown how many people are wired into his system.

Hydrazine - 3Σ, Create (III), Fly, Durable II

Creates rocket engines at will, powered by already-ignited solid fuel. Lower bound for rocket size is around the dimensions of an American football - higher bound is slightly smaller than Hydrazine. If she desires, the thruster can be created already attached her through unnatural means. She is resistant to heat, impact, and changes in atmospheric pressure, but still needs to breathe air.

- Real name Ulyana Varlam, though we expect this to have changed thanks to the events of 1974.

- Uninterested in superhero work, uninterested in publicity, uninterested in money. Search for living family members?

- Several of Hydrazine's rivals still live - Polarity, Standard Bearer, and Milan have been found attempting to locate her.

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