Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Weapons of Sunless Horizon

Is everyone tired of Sunless Horizon yet?

Weapons in Sunless Horizon are (simply to help me organize them) set into 4 groups: Cheap, which are smashed together out of hull plating and wiring, Decent, which are actual guns put together by people who know how to make guns, Expensive, for the nobility and their guards, and Artifacts built by the original owners of Ein Soph. Artifacts cannot be purchased.


Melee - Club 

It's a stick. You hit people with it.

Ranged - Cangun

Canguns are empty cans filled with an explosive charge, then nails or shrapnel before being resealed and attached to a stick. When the charge is detonated, it creates a horrific wave of red-hot metal, tearing through everything in front of the wielder.

Of course, the problems with this weapon should be obvious. While it's shockingly destructive even against Disciples, the shrapnel doesn't always go in the right direction.


Melee - Talon & Fang

Used to kill Disciples, Talon & Fang is a combination of 2 weapons: the talon, a short crowbar-like prying tool, and the fang, a thin serrated knife.

The talon is used to pull at the casings of Disciples to reveal internal components and wiring, which is cut with the fang.

Ranged - C50 Tessen

Circlet Security's belt-fed C50 Tessen submachine gun fires 7mm rounds at a slow rate of fire. The Tessen's belt feed makes it excellent for sustained fire, and its small caliber makes it easy to control.
Circlet Security's weapons are made from yellowed, brittle plastic and thin stamped metal. Stories abound of them fracturing or shattering when dropped, or shaking apart from the force of their underpowered rounds. Despite this, Circlet Security surplus is common among scavengers.


Melee -The Long Hand

The weapons of the nobility are strange, focusing more on appearances than true effectiveness. The Long Hand is a intricately carved metal club on a long rope, swung in long loops before striking with gathered inertia.

The long wire is used to subtly manipulate the head, making it more difficult to block. It can also be used to entangle other weapons.

Ranged - Ashford & Crane Temperance

Ashford & Crane is the oldest weapon designer on Ein Soph, responsible for the weapons of the nobility. The Temperance is a large heavy rifle, loaded with the highest-quality powder and explosive shells.

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