Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Wormgod's Harvest Part 3: Weapons & Equipment

Wormgod's Harvest is a biotech fantasy setting where the Wormgod consumed the world.


Bladebugs are throwing weapons that fly nimbly towards targets before slicing through them with their sharp exoskeletons. They barely do any damage because of their small size, but they never miss, and can be thrown in groups of 3 at once.

Militaries grow special breeds of Bladebugs that release acid or explode on impact. For fire support, they carry large hives filled with hundreds of Bladebugs that are released dozens at a time.


Smokers are a variety of flying squid bred and Shaped for lessened flight ability and larger ink sacs. When hit hard, they panic, filling the air with ink. Small Smokers are thrown to create smokescreens in ground conflict, and larger ones are launched from bioships to blind opposing vessels. 


Knifelizards are small reptiles with bladed tails: when pressure is applied to their sides, they straighten out and stiffen.


Ansibles are frog-like emergency comm systems usually attached to bioships: when fed a colored pellet, they send an ultrasonic message based on the pellet given. While the Ansibles are the fastest way to communicate over long distances, they can only send a few types of messages.

Messenger Bird

Messenger Birds are an alternative to Ansibles: while they are slower, they can send more complex message. They memorize things they hear and repeat them to the target of their message.

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