Friday, August 30, 2019

10 Questions for Your SF Game (With Answers for Artificial Sky)

Everyone's seen Jeff Rients' 20 questions for a campaign. To be honest, I don't know if I need to link them in the first place. However, those questions were very, very focused on fantasy campaigns in particular, while I (and many more recent RPG blog-write-people) are more focused on sci-fi and cyberpunk stuff.

And a post of only questions is pretty boring, so I decided to expand on Artificial Sky using them.


1. What do the PCs do?
The PCs work to prevent the corporations from growing too large and taking control. For all intents and purposes, they're violent terrorists.

2. What's the setting's scale?
Artificial Sky is mostly set on Earth, although some corporations have created orbital or lunar facilities.

3. What level of technology will the PCs generally have?
Chemical-propelled firearms (as opposed to railguns), AR/VR equipment, combat drones, cybernetic augmentation, and automated hacking software.

4. What's the highest level of technology?
Yosef Industrial Augmentation recently released nanotech augmentations, while the U.S. military continues to make strides in man-portable energy weapons and railgun platforms.

5. Are there any psychic abilities, superpowers, etc?

6. How do I improve my character?
Through augmentations.

7. What's the most important faction in the area?
For now, the U.S. government. While the corporations are rising fast, they're still under control.

8. Where can I get normal equipment?
Vending machines are spread through the cities, automatically connecting to a Neuroprocessor augmentation to track purchases (who bought what, when, and from what machine). Even guns and ammunition can be purchased through a vendor without even needing to touch the machine.

9. Where can I get strange or illegal equipment?
Some groups have hacked and restocked vendors, creating their own network of black market machines. Just be careful of honeypots; hacked vendors with a Neuroprocessor tracker left in, reporting directly to the corporation who owns it.

10. How do I heal myself?
Along with more conventional first-aid kits and stimulants, Yosef Industrial Augmentation has repurposed their nanoaugmentation tech into medicine - crack open the round glass container and the nanobots swarm out, repairing injuries.

There's still nothing as good as going to a hospital, but they keep track of everyone who goes in or out.


  1. Thanks for the link, *I* hadn't seen it so I'm glad you did post it!

    I like these questions, great for getting everyone on the same page from the start.


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