Thursday, December 19, 2019

Secret Santicorn 2019: Sci-Fi Dungeon Fill

BlueWolf from the OSR Discord requested: "General sci-fi dungeon room fills. Encounters, tricks, traps, treasures, details for ""empty"" rooms or means of travel between far reaches of the dungeon. One line per fill is fine. As many as you feel like. Gonzo is fine, doesn't have to be hard sci-fi."

1d6 Generic SF Dungeon Fill
1: Three small cone-shaped maintenance robots scoot past you, beeping. If you grab one, you can steal its tools.
2: A sec-droid questions one of you - they've mistaken you for a smuggler operating in the area.
3: In front of the locked exit is a slow pressure plate - you can walk over it safely, but if you stand on it for long enough to do anything, it electrifies the floor.
4: This room is dominated by a giant communications console, where you can contact the creators of the dungeon - this is only an outpost.
5: A research area for man-scale hyperspace travel. The prototype teleporter can be used to skip to any area of the dungeon, but it might not bring all of your stuff with you.
6: The door opens to a landing pad, with automated cargo ships landing, being unloaded, and taking off. The cargo lies abandoned (but watched) on the floor.

excuse me sir
1d6 Cyberpunk Dungeon Fill
1: An "outdoor" office, with floors covered in plastic grass and a blue-painted ceiling.
2: An autotherapist, charging $1 a minute for its mechanized discussion.
3: Three medical robots carry a man on a stretcher, who desperately attempts to fall off and avoid the hospital and the debt it will bring.
4: A bioprinter used to mass-produce nutrient paste. If hacked, it can create other organic compounds.
5: A VR work farm, filled with dozens of workers. Stay completely silent - they are not used to sound, and panic will quickly turn them into a mob.
6: A prototype nanoplague held in a boxy cryocontainer. Want to touch it?

don't touch it

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