Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Note: this class is bad and i've remade it here. Don't read that, read this.

Inspired partially by this video, but the blame should be placed on deus ex parabola on the OSR Discord.

Very Heavy Cube Owner
Weapons technology marches onwards forever. In your case, the march of progress got lost in a dark alley. The cube has its benefits, you desperately think to yourself - it's much quieter than a gun, and it's not stopped by armor.

These justifications do not stop anyone from laughing at your cube.

B: Cube-Sight, Increased Range
C: Cube-Cleave
D: Engraved Cube

Your body is covered in a prototype Kinesis Suit. In theory, you should be able to use the suit to telekinetically grab people and objects. In practice, the suit only works on materials made of a specific alloy - for instance, your Cube. You cannot wear any armor while wearing the Kinesis Suit.

On your turn, you can use the Kinesis Suit to move the Cube. The Cube moves at 100 feet per round, but it can only be controlled if it stays within a 50 foot radius of you. When it comes in contact with someone during it's movement, roll to-hit with a -2 penalty. On a hit, the target takes 3d6 damage. The Cube stops moving after hitting something.

You wake up one morning and start seeing through the Cube. Everything is red - it hungers to kill. You can switch between seeing through the Cube's eyes and your own.

Increased Range
The lights on the Kinesis Suit have all turned red. If you're very quiet, you can hear them crying as you move the Cube. The radius you can control the Cube increases to 100 feet.

The Cube's hunger is increasing. When the Cube kills something, the 100 foot distance it can move resets, letting it move 100 feet from this location. It does not stop after hitting something. If you squint, you can see a mouth starting to grow on its surface.

You cannot wield any weapons - the Cube will not accept them.

Engraved Cube
The Cube has been covered in grotesque engravings, and glows with a pulsing red light. Inside, you can see a dark shape. The Cube speaks to you when you sleep - it is but an egg, for the Flayed God who will rise, kill the world, and drown in blood. The Cube offers a gift, for a price. If the Cube kills 333 people, it will hatch, and you will ascend with it, to be the only god that survives this cataclysm.

The Cube deals 6d6 damage per strike.

Robert Orzol


  1. Second and third pictures don't load for me.

  2. Man, this looks strong, but I wish it had more of a silly-weapon-taken-seriously feel. Ritual implement of an evil cultist is just... plebian, by comparison.
    My gut feeling is that the other flavor would come from the Cleave replacement. Maybe controlling multiple cubes at once, or blockpushing puzzle stuff. Oh, or riding on the thing!
    That variant would be a pretty cool miniboss-or-boss fight. Weird elite prototype-users in a weapon testing facility.


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