Sunday, April 18, 2021

Very Heavy Cube, Redux (GLOG Class)

The old Cube Owner class may be the single worst thing I've ever written. It's a stupid uninteresting cliche combined with a... tungsten cube? So, I'm redoing it.

Very Heavy Cube Owner
Weapons technology marches onwards forever. In your case, the march of progress got lost in a dark alley. The cube has its benefits, you desperately think to yourself - it's much quieter than a gun, and it's not stopped by armor.

These justifications do not stop anyone from laughing at your cube.

B: Multitasking
C: Overcharged Suit, +1 Cube
D: Fine Motor Skills, +1 Cube

Your body is covered in a prototype Kinesis Suit. In theory, you should be able to use the suit to telekinetically grab people and objects. In practice, the suit only works on materials made of a specific alloy - for instance, your Cube. You cannot wear any armor while wearing the Kinesis Suit.

On your turn, you can use the Kinesis Suit to move the Cube. The Cube moves at 100 feet per round, but it can only be controlled if it stays within a 50 foot radius of you. When it comes in contact with someone during it's movement, roll to-hit with a -2 penalty. On a hit, the target takes 3d6 damage. The Cube stops moving after hitting something.

The Cube is exactly 1 cubic foot. The Kinesis Suit can impart enough force to keep it immobile with a person standing on it, but cannot move it. 

You have two Cubes, and can control both of them at once. You get another Cube with your C template and D template.

Overcharged Suit
The Kinesis Suit can move the Cube twice as fast, and can move it at normal speed with up to 300 pounds of extra weight atop it.

Fine Motor Skills
You can modify the size and shape of the Cube using the Kinesis Suit - elongating it, widening it into a shield or platform, or simply expanding it by turning it hollow. However, no matter what, your Cube is still square, and cannot be curved.


  1. One immediate use I see is that with two or more Cubes the wielder has, in essence, a endless ladder. One just keeps moving cubes as steps forward.
    Technically, one can cross the sea and get into stratosphere in this matter, providing they don't need to sleep (so to maintain the concentration) and can survive storms, lack of oxygen, freezing temperatures and such.

    In 'Overcharged Suit' does extra 300 pounds of extra weight atop of the Cube at normal speed does extra damage, due to mass and thus impulse of impact?

    1. Overcharged Suit doesn't make the Cube weigh 300 pounds more, it makes it so that it can carry up to 300 pounds (so you could ride it or use it to carry treasure or something).

    2. Can you glue 300 more pounds around the Cube, so now does weight 300 more pounds without the weight unbalancing it or making this weight unstable but with the weight adding to mass and thus momentum of the impact?

    3. I suppose you could! That would about double the weight of the Cube (back when I did the math to figure out how much damage it did, I assumed it was made of tungsten), so I'd say you'd get about 6d6 damage out of the Cube, at the penalty of *at least* -4 to-hit.

      But really, it's something you'd need to figure out with your GM - same with the Discord suggestion of putting the Cube into a press to get a cutting sheet.

      I'm happy you asked these questions. This kind of very open thinking is what I want my classes to create.

    4. Glad it my questions were of interest.

      (my next questions would be "Can I make this extra weight in the shapes of spikes?", "Can I put cube(s) in special harnesses, tooled for that or this use", "What are defensive capabilities of 1 feet-thick wall of tungten (as with multi-cubes I can made a mobile wall against ranged attacks)" and maybe reasoning that if the cube already moves with normal speed with extra weight normally it would be still only -2 to attack because it certainly can handle its own inertia with all that extra weight normally as per description and the effort was made to balance the extra weight around it even further, meaning it shouldn't be more clumsy to control).

      It might have, at the end, resulted in a creation of a being called Cubemon, an ultimate Cube religion and a new kind of magic made of pixel art but with 1-ft big tungsten Cubes instead of pixels.

      I think your Cube class is amazing, in other words. Thank you very much for writing it and the old version, for which I do also have fondness.


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