Sunday, May 2, 2021

Orbiters Local 519 (GLOG Hack)

Edit 2/20/23: You can purchase Orbiters 2e on here - my Zine Quest 2022 project, complete with derelict generator, GM's guide, and expanded classes, tools, and bestiary.

Edit 8/3/21: Updated to Version 1.1, fixing errors, expanding the Pipe Contents table, retuning Supplies, and adding guidelines for computers. Added a link to Owlbears & Chickenhawks' OL519 content. Links to supplemental content will continue to be added, but not recorded in edit logs.

In this post about a derelict-crawling GLOG I said "This is just classes, and it probably won't go further than that". Well, it turns out I'm a liar.

Orbiters Local 519 is a GLOG hack using those classes, built for an open table or set of disconnected one-shots. In it, the PCs play a group of scavengers sent to recover delicate resources from wrecked starships. It has two important differences from your standard dungeoncrawl, however: one of them is simply the 0g environment, but the other is more interesting: destructibility.

Generally, a dungeon will stay physically the same when the PCs enter to when they leave - maybe they'll kick down a door or two, but they won't be caving in rooms. In Orbiters Local 519, not only will they be tearing through walls, but the derelict will be falling apart on its own. Pipes explode, gravity falters, derelicts spin, and entire rooms can tear off from the structure.

Click on the cover to read the most recent version of core book's PDF (currently v1.1), and the links below to take a look at some example derelicts and expansion content. 

If you would like to look at Version 1.0 instead, here is a link.

Example Derelict One - EAS Aspen

A Navy railgun corvette was destroyed in a skirmish about 7 months ago. No survivors are expected, and sensors are picking up a radiation leak. Hopefully you can get in and out before the Navy realizes we're here.

Example Derelict Two - ISK Halamandaris

A biology research ship, destroyed by a power failure incident. The AI, Pythagoras, should still be online. Most of the habitat domes are still in one piece, and we have no idea what could be inside. We shouldn't be facing any competition for this one, feel free to take your time. As much as you can, anyway. 


Piloted Asteroids + Wildcatter Class, by Owlbears & Chickenhawks (Supplement)

BUGS AND BLASTERS, by Lichesgetstitches (Hack)

LUCIDITY IS NOT A POSSIBILITY, by deus ex parabola (Derelict)

Orbiters 20 (Hack)


  1. This is a handy system - I also wonder as derelicts are structurally unstable, should they also roll exhaustion die like supplies do? On re-entry of crew, for example, or on "X time passed"?

    1. I don't think that's necessary - there are already hard time limits because of Oxygen and Batteries, and by using the Decay table the collapse of the derelict is a soft time limit - you want to go quickly, but there's no single point of failure.

      That way, instead of only having one overarching choice (how do we use our limited amount of time?) Decay reinforces a second - "how much time can we stretch out of this before it becomes unsurvivable?".


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