Friday, April 2, 2021

Derelict-crawling GLOG Classes

EDIT: updated versions of these classes can be found in Orbiters Local 519, my new derelict-crawling hack.

Since I am extremely boring, I absolutely love easy-to-run dungeoncrawling games. Throw together a Suspicious Location, drop a few people into it, and go. Sewer Rats is one, Sunless Horizon was originally one before it got way out of hand, and this is (sort of) another one.

What is the setting? It doesn't matter. Perhaps the Company rules this section of space,  or the Empire has just rolled through, leaving only ruin in their wake. The only solid fact is that there are ruined starships, whether modern or ancient, and they're worth obscene amounts of money.

This is just classes, and it probably won't go further than that, because it doesn't need to. Grab your GLOG of choice and drop them in, then you're done.

Just take care out there, OK? The void isn't one to take prisoners.

Destiny concept art


The Controller's mechanics are inspired somewhat by cyberchronometer's wizard.

A: Hacking Device
B: +1 Program Slot
C: +1 Program Slot
D: +1 Program Slot, Recalibration

Hacking Device
Your hacking device has one Program Slot, which can be filled with a Program before the start of a mission. Each time you use a Program, you must roll 1d6. On a 4 or 5, the hacking device misfires and burns out that Program Slot, preventing you from using it. On a 6, not only does the hacking device misfire, but the remnants of the derelict's countermeasures go off, and you must roll on the Countermeasures table.

1. Lock or unlock a door. 
2. Take over a camera.
3. Activate or deactivate a turret or other security system.
4. Activate or deactivate the gravity.
5. Rotate the derelict.
6. Scan a room of the derelict for motion. 
7. Download documents or other pieces of information.
8. Create a map of the derelict.

1. Lockout - The system has recorded your information. Every future hacking attempt in this derelict automatically rolls a 6.
2. Alarm - A blaring alarm and flashing red light fills the derelict.
3. Imprison - Every door into the room the Controller is currently in closes and locks.
4. Biofeedback - take 1d6 damage.

Once per mission, you can exchange one Program in your Hacking Device for another. 



A: Camera Drone
B: Sensorium
C: Combat Readiness
D: Automation

Camera Drone
You start each mission with a number of hand-sized flying drones equal to your Observer templates. Each one has 1 HP, 10 AC, and an inbuilt flashlight. They can only see in the visual spectrum, and cannot hear. You must pilot your drones, and cannot move or act while doing so.

Your drones' basic cameras are replaced with an advanced set of sensors. Your drones can hear, see in both ultraviolet and infrared, and zoom in up to 10x magnification. It still has its flashlight.

Combat Readiness
All of your drones now have 1d6 HP each, and you can outfit each one with one of these devices per mission.

1. Flashbulb - If triggered in a dark area, all creatures in a 30' cone are blinded for one turn, and animal-intelligence creatures must make a Morale save.  
2. Self-destruct - the drone is destroyed instantly, and everything in a 50' radius takes 3d6 damage, with a Dexterity save for half.
3. Lure - emits a spectrum of light and a set of varying tones intended to be visible and audible to as many creatures as possible, attracting animal-intelligence creatures to the drone.
4. SMG - 2 attacks on separate enemies or one attack at +2 to-hit, 1d6 damage.

You can give your drones basic commands: "move to this room and scan everywhere", "come back", "follow me". 


A: 3D Printer, 2 Spools
B: +1 Advanced Design, +1 Spool
C: +1 Advanced Design, +1 Spool
D: +4 Advanced Designs, +1 Spool

3D Printer
The Sentry can expend spools of plastic and metal feed material to print defenses from their backpack-mounted 3D printer. Each of these basic designs costs one spool, and takes 1 exploration turn to print.

Basic Designs
1. Barrier - a waist-high, 10-foot wide metal barrier that provides cover to anyone behind it.
2. Sensor - detects movement in the room where it's placed.
3. Remote Charge - when detonated by the Sentry, explodes in a 50' radius, dealing 3d6 damage with a Dexterity save for half. 
4. Shield - takes one hand, but can absorb 6 damage before shattering.

Advanced Designs
Upgrading your 3D Printer has allowed you to create more complex objects. Each of these advanced designs cost 2 spools, and take 2 exploration turns to print and assemble.

1. Turret - must be operated by a person. +4 to-hit and 2d8 damage, or 1d8 damage in a 20' radius with a Dexterity save for half. Comes with enough ammunition for 3 bursts.  
2. Turret Ammunition - 6 bursts of turret ammunition.
3. Camera - automatically detects movement, and can be looked through by the Sentry.
4. Mine - detonates automatically upon sensing movement, dealing damage equal to the Remote Charge.
5. Electrified Wire - barbed wire connected to an electric charge. Halves movement speed and deals 1d4 damage each round to everyone inside. Enough for a 60' line or a 20 foot radius clump.
6. Smoke Charge - when detonated, fills a 60' radius area with smoke. Attacks into, out of, or through the smoke are at -4 to hit.

All three of these classes are meant to fit together (the Observer locates enemies, then the Controller manipulates them into a trap set by the Sentry). If you find this restrictive, feel free to add more classes: deus ex parabola's Spacer as a jack-of-all-trades, my Psychic to add some supernatural strangeness, or Lexi's Mechwarrior for people who want a more direct solution. Any of these would help you break up the close fit of the defaults.


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