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False Elf (GLOG Class)

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Flip Templates are a new piece of GLOG class design, where a single level gives you two template abilities, but you can only access one after using the other. So, this class has template A1 and A2, and you must use the A1 ability before the A2 ability, and then must do the A2 ability in order to use A1 again.

This is a Flip Template wizard, based off the four seasons. However, the flip does not come with the seasons themselves. True Elves will do that, but you are no True Elf. You are a thief, so envious of their power that you snuck in while they slept and stole their power.

Instead, you change because of the characteristics of the seasons.

Official 5e Art

A: Switching Seasons, +1 MD

B: +1 MD

C: +1 MD

D: Pinnacle Spells, +1 MD

Switching Seasons

Each of the four seasons has its Activation, its Cantrip, three Spells, and one Pinnacle, unlocked with the D template.

When a season is activated, it stays active for one week. If you have an active season and would activate another one, you can choose whether or not you want to switch.

If you have no active seasons, you are Neutral and cannot cast spells.


Activation: get frostbite or hypothermia.

Cantrip: your body temperature naturally equalizes you with your environment, preventing creatures that seek heat (which may or may not include Darkvision) from perceiving you in that way.



R: n/a T: self D: [dice] minutes

Become a flurry of snow, vanishing from sight and flying low across the ground at walking speed for [dice] minutes (this flight is affected by wind), reconstituting at the end of the duration. You cannot be damaged by anything except fire, and if you are damaged by fire the spell ends immediately.


R: touch T: an object or person D: instant

At a touch, lower an object's temperature by [sum]*4 degrees or deal [sum] damage to a target.


R: 60 feet T: a 20' radius, or one object or creature smaller than an elephant D: variable

This spell can either target a radius, a single object, or a single creature.

If this targets a radius, all creatures within the radius have their movement speeds halved, and act in initiative order only after all creatures inside the radius have acted. Any moving object moves at half speed. This lasts for [dice] rounds.

If this targets a single object, it is frozen in place for [dice] minutes. This works on objects in midair, which will hover. When the duration ends, the object does not keep its prior momentum (a fired arrow will fall, not continue to fly). 

If this targets a single creature, it must Save with a -[dice] penalty. If it fails, it is completely immobilized and unable to act for [dice] rounds.

Pinnacle: Cataclysm

R: N/A T: [dice] mile radius D: [sum] hours

At one MD, the temperature within the radius reaches below freezing, and snow begins to fall.

At two MD, the temperature reaches into the negatives (negatives in Fahrenheit, or about -20 degrees Celsius) while freezing rain and snow cover the area.

At three MD, the temperature continues to descend, causing hypothermia and frostbite within minutes. The wind picks up, turning the rain and snow into a blinding blizzard.

At four MD, the sun vanishes from the sky. The temperature hits levels only found in space. Lightning strikes down through the whiteout.


Activation: create a lasting object that requires effort or money (building a chair or writing a poem counts, stacking two twigs or writing "hello" on the ground do not).




R: touch T: one creature D: instant

A creature you touch gains [sum] HP. If two [dice] are invested, this can instantly remove a minor Wound (broken bones, etc.) or cure an illness instead of restoring HP. With three [dice], you can regenerate mangled limbs and cure diseases. With four, you can regrow limbs and organs.


R: 30' T: one creature D: [dice] minutes

For the duration, a character is supernaturally invigorated, gaining [sum] bonus HP and adding [dice] to their AC. This does not restore lost HP.

Animate Plants

R: 100' T: [sum] small plants or [dice] trees D: [sum] minutes

[Sum] small plants or [dice] large plants or trees spring to motion. They can be commanded verbally.

Pinnacle: Garden

R: 100’ T: N/A D: 

In a 100' radius around you, plants grow uncontrollably, no matter how difficult: in a desert, cacti spring up. Within a dungeon, moss spreads over walls and hardy plants punch through stone floors. The more MD are used, the larger the plants become: in a forest, one MD causes grass and flowers, two will begin to grow saplings, three will create trees, and four grow mythical plants that tower into the sky.

Jim Bahn


Activation: catch on fire.

Cantrip: if you wrap your hands around an object, it catches fire. 


Silence Weather

R: N/A T: one mile radius D: [sum] hours

For the duration of the spell, all weather effects stop, replaced with a vaguely-uncanny perfect average (partly cloudy, warm-ish, no precipitation).


R: N/A T: N/A D: [dice] hours

A small pale yellow orb hovers over your head, shedding light as a torch.


R: Touch T: one object D: Instant

Steel, and anything with a lower melting point, melts as you hold it.

Pinnacle: Fireball

R: 200' T: 20' radius D: instant

Does [sum] fire damage to everything inside the radius.


Activation: destroy a lasting object that required effort or money to create (kicking through a door, tearing apart a book).




R: 30' T: one object D: instant

An object smaller than your head, made of something no stronger than wood, breaks apart. Every added MD allows you to increase the size and durability of an acceptable target.

2 MD: an object smaller than a person, made of something no stronger than stone

3 MD: an object smaller than a car, made of something no stronger than iron

4 MD: an object smaller than a house, made of something no stronger than adamantium.

Feather Fall

R: N/A T: self D: [dice] minutes

For the duration, you fall at a leisurely 10 feet per round.


R: 30' cone T: N/A D: Instant

Objects in the cone, with a weight of up to [dice]*100 pounds, or half that weight if they are firmly attached to the ground, are thrown at [sum]*[dice] miles per hour.

Pinnacle: Fatal Touch

R: Touch T: One creature D: Instant

At your touch, a living creature takes [sum]*[dice] damage. If this kills the creature, it is reduced to dust.


  1. You catch fire.
  2. Frostbite covers your fingers and toes.
  3. The wind picks up, throwing objects and pushing people.
  4. All MD used on this spell are expended.
  5. For the next day, MD only return on a 1 or 2.
  6. You lose your current season, becoming Neutral.
  1. The True Elf you robbed is on your trail. They have cursed you, hoping to put you down and repossess their gifts afterwards. Animals (except dogs) roll 1d6 instead of 2d6 for Reaction Rolls.
  2. The curse has a second layer added. You can almost feel it in the center of your heart. If you spend more than an hour near a plant, the plant becomes hostile and attempts to kill you. Trees will fall on you, grass will grow into your nose and mouth, poison ivy will slither into your hands.
  3. The True Elf has arrived, as has their Hunt. Fight, or die.


  1. Next challenge: combine delta templates and flip templates 😳

    1. Let us sally forth from the OSR in search of the OSR! IA! IA!


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