Thursday, May 25, 2023

City of Doors Actual Play

    City of Doors is/was an open table game run/ran by Locheil, in a setting close enough to Planescape's Sigil that it's Planescape's Sigil. An endless city curved over itself, full to the brim with rain, crime, and the kind of creatures otherwise only seen in latter-day 3.5e monster manuals.
    And one day in Sigil, a few real miscreants slink into the Drooling Elephant to get out of the weather (which is, currently, On Fire) - ??? the amnesiac Tiefling, Princess Clarissant, Kyriakos the sword-poet, the wizard-adept Merry, and Doystev, spawn of vampires and idiosyncratic occultist.
    It’s been long enough that the Elephant’s proprietor recognizes ???’s whole deal, and tosses them the address (56 Green Dragon Place) of a reputable tattooist, probably not for the first time, while the rest of the party peers at the Elephant’s collage of a jobs board. While ???’s general aura of ruin slowly decays the lettering, the group manages to decide on a “personnel retrieval” job for the local gang leader Big Bufo - grabbing the “Bone Wizard” Langstrom Loy and dragging him in “alive, or mostly alive” for 600gp, or 400 if he’s dead.
    They stumble through the smoke outside to Darkwell Court, manage to not get stabbed on their way through Bufo’s house despite stumbling into (and sometimes into) all manner of dubious individuals and armed guards, and get both the address of a slaughterhouse Loy hangs out in, and warned that while Loy is definitely a kind of necromancer, he prefers to animate his own bones rather than others’.

    Along with a map of the slaughterhouse, they also manage to pick up another two friends; the extremely dubious Ashtray and Edge-of-Heart-and-Mind, a corpse full of knives disguised as a person thanks to an utterly unreasonable number of veils.
    They take an ill-advised shortcut through an undersigil sewer and into a section of Advanced Darkness that talks about sacrifices until Edge tosses one of the arms of their corpse to pay the toll. The sewer runs straight into a grate in the slaughterhouse and up into the front room, past its locked door and pair of guards. While the players squat in an incredibly unpleasant blood-filled tube and frantically conspire, someone else hammers on the door from outside and announces they have a warrant for Langstrom Loy.
    The guards scramble off,

and by shouting through the door, the players manage to persuade the police that they were already hired by the local Sergeant, and need the Hardheads to stay outside in case Loy runs. With the guards distracted, they creep out from the grate and start checking through the building, eventually finding two gunmen and the 8-foot tall Loy doped up on Extra Bones, all dragging a cage with a huge pig-demon inside.
    Unseen, the party sets up outside the corridor and when Loy and his guards come through to fight the Hardheads, they’re jumped by all six of them - Doystev grapples Loy and uses the spell Pass Through Hidden Places to teleport both of them into some horrid claustrophobic tunnel and bites him and bites him and bites him and bites him while the rest set upon the guards with knives and axes. As more guards pile in from other rooms, Ashtray cracks open the lock on the pig cage. The rest of the group slips down Doystev’s teleport-tunnel-gate as Kyriakos and Edge successfully duel the pig-demon, then toss a few of Edge’s knives in to possess it and slam it right through the front wall to distract the Hardheads.
    Down in the tunnel, Doystev cracks Loy over the head with a piece of concrete and Princess Clarissant envelops him in a net to drag him back to Bufo’s. The presence of the Hardheads gets them an extra 100gp in hazard pay, and once Bufo’s assistant Chella shoots Loy, Edge-of-Heart-and-Mind gets to borrow his body, too. And that's a kind of success, I say.

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