Sunday, January 26, 2020

Two Years in the Archon's Court

January 26th marks the second anniversary of the Archon's Court. Sadly, unlike last year, I don't have a gift. Instead, you will suffer as I talk about the last year of the blog, and my plans for the next.

Year in Review
To be honest, I feel like my blog only truly started in 2019. The death of G+ was, in some perverse way, a benefit to me - it finally gave me the kick I needed to arrive on new places, like the OSR discord.

This (along with much better content), made my blog much more popular this year - a full 80% of all of my views happened through 2019.

Speaking of that content, this year also had the creation of my most popular project by far - my Sunless Horizon SF-horror setting.

I also got some paid freelance work - articles in both issues of Stronghold Press Games' Silver Swords zine, and another piece for the currently unreleased third issue of Meanderings.

Future Projects
More Sunless Horizon! Everyone seems to like it, I love working on it, there's no reason not to! Along with setting stuff, I want to make some more playable stuff for it - no full system yet, just a few pieces of equipment, a couple enemies, and an adventure for you to plug into a standard OSR system.

I also want to finish up Sewer Rats, and go back to some of my old projects, like Infra-Red and Wormgod's Harvest. If you want me to prioritize one of these, say words in the words-box or nag me on Discord.

All of this blog stuff is coming out on a new schedule - one post, every Monday (unless some kind of catastrophe happens). Enjoy consistent posts, instead of me not posting anything for a month directly after making 3 posts in a day.

Along with blog stuff, I've got something more exciting coming up - a super-secret Zine Quest 2 project I'll be talking about more in February. Hooray, you finally get the long-awaited chance to give me money! Everyone must be excited or else.


  1. Replies
    1. The next Sewer Rats post is coming up next week, along with the announcement of the *secret zine project*!

      It'll be an equipment post - not the most exciting thing, but I think I had a couple good ideas.

  2. More Sunless Horizon is always good. I am glad to read about it (and about other pieces as well).
    I will be looking out for zine.


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